by Pink

`This audio file that I called "unforgivable" is a quickly microwaved jam that I in the wee hours of the night. While trying to cover Duster's "Inside Out", I decided to downpitch and loop a specific section of the recording that I liked the timbre of. I missed a string while playing, but it sounded good, so this song can be considered a happy accident.

The production is lazy, alternating chords every eight bars. You could have made this in ten minutes. The guitar resonates with audible overtones and plays the same melancholic sound forever. The condemned lyricist vomited into Notepad and recorded miserable vocals through a laptop microphone for 70 seconds.

This song has something that many other songs don't have: A lack of effort. What does an artist do when they aren't willing to completely finish their work? Is an empty canvas really empty? No two artists approach these limits the same way. Is it lazy, or is it just minimalist? Is it unforgivable? Am I trying to justify my sloth?`

- Pink


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