by Giacomo

This is very much my first thing I've ever actually put together on any instrument, so take everything with like a handful of salt.

Sitting with a lot of slower pieces from artists like Nils Frahm and John Carroll Kirby, I knew I wanted something that sort of formed itself into chaos and drifted out from there. I screwed around a bit until I got that sort of ramp-up piece together at the end, but then had the main task of everything else leading up.

I think I was able to put something together that aligned with whatever ideas/tones I wanted to get across, and honestly had a lot of fun toying with different chords and structures to see what felt like it would fit best. Also got to play on a grand so that was fun. Shoutout to Bilal/bloomingclouds for editing it and giving it a little more body and oomph, as I really like to work DAWless and those buttons and knobs scare me.

- Giacomo


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